Organization and Subprojects


RiSE Organizational StructureRiSE is organized in three clusters:
Cluster I (Concurrency) develops new language-based, architectural, and verification paradigms for highly concurrent software and for software with real-time demands.
Cluster II (Games and Synthesis) focuses on game-theoretic algorithms for analyzing and synthesizing individual system components within a larger context.
Cluster III (Decision Procedures) concentrates on the development and improvement of decision procedures that lie at the very heart of every automatic method and tool for system design and analysis.

Additionally, Roderick Bloem leads the coordination subproject and acts as spokesperson.


Principal Investigator Institution Project
Cluster I (Concurrency)
Thomas Henzinger IST Austria New Concurrency Paradigms
Helmut Veith TU Vienna Tools for Concurrent and Distributed Systems
Christoph Kirsch PLU Salzburg Virtualization
Ulrich Schmid TU Vienna Reconciling Distributed & Real-Time Computing
Cluster II (Games and Synthesis)
Roderick Bloem TU Graz Synthesis
Krishnendu Chatterjee IST Austria Game Theory
Cluster III (Decision Procedures)
Armin Biere JKU Linz Bit-Precise Reasoning
Uwe Egly TU Vienna Quantified Boolean Formulas
Laura Kovács TU Vienna Interpolation and Symbol Elimination