About the National Research Network “RiSE”


In December 2010, the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) approved funding of a National Research Network (“Nationales Forschungs­netzwerk”, NFN) named “RiSE: Rigorous systems engineering”. RiSE will move far beyond classical model checking and a-posteriori verification, both in the use of model checkers and in the development and deployment of additional paradigms.


Methods for systems engineering have steadily improved, but are being outrun by rapidly increasing system complexity. At the lower level, the trend towards multi-core processors – of up to 4096 cores in 8 years – is revolutionizing programming in the small. At the higher level, a migration towards cloud computing and Software as a service (SaaS) – exemplified by offerings from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft – is revolutionizing programming in the large. Taking these developments together, it becomes evident that the available software development paradigms, from programming languages and patterns to software architectures and design processes are quickly becoming woefully inadequate at best, and entirely obsolete at worst.

We are now in the second four years long part SHiNE of the project.
Further information on organization and subprojects of SHiNE is available here.