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Please direct all admin related messages to instead of individual users.

Bug reports should be as detailed as possible and include the time the problem occurred, error messages, and full instructions on how to reproduce the problem (machines involved, particular input files and/or options,...), if appropriate.

Requests regarding e-mail should contain the full headers of the message(s) in question. Requests regarding printing problems should include the output of "lpq -P[Drucker] -llll".


First of all have a look at our mail configuration.

If you want to forward e-mail to another e-mail address you have to put a ".forward" file into your home-directory. For example, if user chris has a .forward file containing the following lines:

one copy of mail will be forwarded to chris@freemail and another copy will be retained as mail for local user chris.

For additional information see "man forward".


If you have an account from our institute and want to print PDFs from outside our department network (e.g. when connected per WLAN):


Download this tar ball, unpack it on your notebook and follow the instructions in the README.txt file.

If that doesn't work on your system, then please try this script with the HOWTO inside..


If that doesn't work on your system, then please try the ssh tunnel as described in the Linux part above; or attempt this script with the HOWTO inside.


For special printing demands (e.g. A3 format) there is a copy center two houses away from us. Ask the secretaries for the copy card.


Usually our file server (where your home directory resides) should appear in the "network neighbourhood" of the internet explorer, where you can access your home directory and use the printers. If it doesn't, please use the following workaround:

  • Log in as usual.
  • Open the Explorer.
  • Choose in menu "Tools" the item "Map Network Drive".
  • In the Field "Drive" there should already be choosed a free Drive-Letter (if not: choose one). In the Field "Path:" insert the string "\\sun\username" (without quotation marks, replace your username).
  • Press "Ok".
  • In the Explorer there should now appear a new drive "USER on SUN" where you can access your home directory.


Due to security constraints, we solely rely on SSH (protocol version 2.x) or one time passwords for remote login and file transfer; normal telnet, ftp and (unencrypted) imap are generally disabled.

Generally for remote connections you may use sg1.dbai (SSH), sg2.dbai (SSH) on both Port 22 and 80. Login to a group account doesn't work this way, please login as normal user instead and change to the group account with su - <groupaccount> afterwards.

(Any decent Unix installation these days already has SSH installed. For Windows we recommend PuTTY.

Please log out, when you finish your working day (both remote and local). If you however have to run a program over several days, please send an appropriate mail to


The home directories, the mailbox directory, the /web and the /proj directory are backuped every night starting at 2:35am. Also all user datas from mysql, wiki and svn servers.

Every month a set of these backups is stored for two years. Among these, every fourth set will be stored for another two years. This means that home directories and web data are stored for four years (at least in an interval of four months).


Benchmark servers

There are three benchmark servers: ... and one cluster with currently 13 nodes, where jobs can/must be scheduled via HTCondor: Please drop a mail to get an account on these servers.

Web server

Please have a look at these instructions.

Startup files

Please keep your startup files (.xinitrc, .login, .logout etc.) as small as possible, and only set configurations there which you really need. The following X configuration files are considered by default:


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