Austrian Computer Science Day, June 2018, Salzburg

Christoph Kirsch, University of Salzburg is organising ACSD this year. Join us in June. More info at:

Open position for a full professorship in “Computer Aided Verification”, TU Wien

We would like to draw your attention to the announcement of an open
position for a full professorship in “Computer Aided Verification”
(succeeding Helmut Veith) at TU Wien, with deadline October 16, 2017.

Alpine Verification Meeting 2017: Sep 18-21, Hungary

The registration is now open. Note that you have to register for the event AND the hotel.

Alpine Verification Meeting

RISE4CPS: July 22-23, co-located with CAV’17

RISE4CPS workshop aims to invite international world-renown researchers in the field of formal methods to to provide tutorials on computational tools for the design and the automated analysis of complex CPS and to foster potential collaborations of the workshop’s participants within the RISE network.

More info at or ask Ezio Bartocci.

CFP: RiSE & LogiCS Summer School on Logic, AI, and Verification

Dates and Location

Dates: Monday, July 3 to Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Venue: TU Wien
Neues EI (find on OpenStreetMap)
Gusshausstraße 27-29, 1040 Wien
Room EI 9 (ground floor)


More info at

Intensive course on Decision Procedures, 24 Oct, Linz

There will be one day of lecture (main topic: SAT solving) given by Armin Biere and Martina Seidl.

* Lecture (blocked on one day)

24.10.2016, 11:00 – 18:00, Institute for Formal Models and Verification, JKU Linz

* Talks by participants (blocked on two days)

date will be fixed

More details — write to Martina!

(this is part of DK LogiCS)

The Third Workshop on Automated Inductive Theorem-Proving, 17-18 Nov, Vienna

More info here.

Inductive theorem proving is a topic of growing interest in the automated reasoning community. The Third Workshop on Automated Inductive Theorem-Proving – WAIT focuses on all relevant aspects of inductive reasoning.

The workshop is an informal event and aims to give researchers interested in the topic a chance to meet, exchange ideas and have an active platform for discussions.

We invite talks featuring demos and tutorials of inductive theorem provers, challenge problems, new directions of research or anything else of interest to the inductive theorem proving community.

RiSE workshop: Sep 26-29: call for your participation

We dearly invite you to visit RiSE Workshop 2016 in Sep 26-29:
More info at page.

Q&A-session with Leslie Lamport: May 31 at 6pm

The Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms would like to invite you to a Q&A-session with Turing Award winner Leslie Lamport on May 31, 2016 at 6:00pm in Informatikhörsaal (Treitlstraße 3, 1040 Vienna).

Leslie Lamport
Microsoft Research, USA
Title: A Mathematical View of Computer Systems – Q&A

Room: Informatikhörsaal (Treitlstraße 3, 1040 Vienna)
Time: 31.5.2016, 18:00

According to Leslie Lamport, mathematics provides what he believes to be the simplest and most powerful way to describe computer systems. On May 31st, he will answer questions regarding his lecture on “A Mathematical View of Computer Systems”, which can be viewed here:

Please note that this will be a Question&Answer session only – the audience is expected to watch the lecture and prepare questions beforehand. Leslie Lamport expects questions related to the scope of the talk, e.g., on modeling computer systems, rigorous systems engineering, temporal logic of actions, and verification.

We will miss you, Helmut Veith (1971-2016)


Helmut Veith 1971-2016