Anthony Widjaja Lin

Date: 16:00, Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Speaker: Anthony Widjaja Lin
Venue: TU Wien, Lecture room EI9 Hlawka, Gusshausstrasse 27-29

Buggy and insecure software could have serious consequences including
the loss of human lives, financial losses, and confidential
information leakage, to name a few. Program analysis is a field that
concerns the problem of analysing the behaviour of programs especially
with respect to the issue of correctness. Over the years computational
logic has played an important role in program analysis particularly in
the development of precise automatic methods for verifying the
correctness and optimising the performance of programs. In this talk I
will illustrate how logic can help program analysis, drawing examples
from my own research inspired by challenges in web security (e.g. how
to detect/prevent cross-site scripting vulnerabilities), web
performance optimisation (e.g. how to remove code redundancies in web
pages), and verification of distributed protocols. A theme that will
emerge during the talk is that there is often a tight connection
between logic and automata that can be exploited when designing (often
theoretically optimal) algorithms.

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