Moritz Sinn

Date: 17:00, Thursday, July 3, 2014
Speaker: Moritz Sinn
Venue: IST Austria

Abstract: We present the first scalable bound analysis that achieves amortized complexity analysis. In contrast to earlier work, our bound analysis is not based on general purpose reasoners such as abstract interpreters, software model checkers or computer algebra tools. Rather, we derive bounds directly from abstract program models, which we obtain from programs by comparatively simple invariant generation and symbolic execution techniques. As a result, we obtain an analysis that is more predictable and more scalable than earlier approaches. Our experiments demonstrate that our analysis is fast and at the same time able to compute bounds for challenging loops in a large real-world benchmark.

Technically, our approach is based on lossy vector addition systems (VASS).
Our bound analysis first computes a lexicographic ranking function that proves the termination of a VASS, and then derives a bound from this ranking function.
Our methodology achieves amortized analysis based on a new insight how lexicographic ranking functions can be used for bound analysis.

Posted in RiSE Seminar