Sean Gao

Date: 16:00, Thursday, September 19, 2013
Speaker: Sicun Gao
Venue: IST Austria

Abstract: Any system that integrates digital control in a physical
environment is an instance of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). The design,
analysis, and implementation of reliable CPS naturally require the
aggregation of all existing insights on discrete and continuous systems,
yet our success has been limited by a lack of unifying methodology. I claim
that logic and automated reasoning can provide a framework that is
theoretically adequate and practically powerful to address the core
problems in this emerging field. The framework should drive new progress in
model-based design, automated synthesis, formal verification, and
ultimately the complexity and reliability of the next generations of CPS.
Along this line I present some of our results and projects, such as
delta-decidability over the reals, the dReal solver, and automated analysis
of realistic hybrid systems from automotive, aerospace, and medical

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