Jakub Michaliszyn

Date: Thursday, June 20, 2013
Speaker: Jakub Michaliszyn
Venue: IST Austria

The semantics of temporal logics is typically defined with respect to structures in which the primitive entities are time points. The interval-based reasoning is an another approach, that focuses on time intervals instead of time points.

The Halpern-Shoham logic is an example of a temporal logic of time intervals. Some effort has been put in last ten years to classify fragments of this logic with respect to expressibility and decidability of its decision problems. In this talk, I will shorty introduce this logic and present recent results, possible applications and further directions. The remaining time of the talk will be devoted to a bit more theoretical, yet interesting subject: decidable fragments of first-order logic. I will briefly summarize recent results and present main ideas of selected proofs.

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