Logics as Basis for a Theory for Requirements Specification and Architecture Design

Date: Thursday, June 30, 2011
Speaker: Manfred Broy
Venue: IST Austria

Mondi 2

This lecture introduces a theory for the identification, modeling, and formalization of three complementary views onto software and software intensive systems called the problem view, thespecification view, and the solution view. The problem view addresses requirements engineering;the specification view describes the overall system functionality from the users’ point of view aiming at the specification of the functional requirements of multi-functional systems in terms of their functions as well as their mutual dependencies. This view leads to a function or service hierarchy. The solution view essentially addresses the design phase to decompose systems into logical architectures formed by networks of interactive components specified by their interface behavior.

These views are closely related and are helpful for the structured modeling of multi-functional systems during their development. We show how the three complementary views work and fit together as major milestones in the early phases of software and systems development. We, in particular, base our approach on a purely logical version of the FOCUS theory for describing interface behavior and the structuring of systems into components. We give a theoretical treatment of all three views by extending the FOCUS model and its interface theory accordingly.

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