Achieving Timeliness without Clocks

Date: Thursday, January 27, 2011
Speaker: Peter Robinson
Venue: TU Wien

Starts at 15:00

In this talk, we will show how synchrony conditions can be added to theasynchronous distributed computing model in a way that avoids anyreference to message delays and computing step times, as well as anyglobal constraints on communication patterns and network topology. Morespecifically, we will introduce the Asynchronous Bounded-Cycle (ABC)model, where clock synchronization and lock-step rounds can easily beimplemented and proved correct, even in the presence of Byzantinefailures. Furthermore, we will describe some weaker variants of the ABCmodel that allow even more relaxed system assumptions. We will also seehow the ABC model relates to existing partially synchronous system models,in particular, to the Theta Model of Le Lann and Schmid, anddiscuss some aspects of the ABC model’s applicability in real systems.

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