Laura Kovács just got ERC Starting grant accepted! Our Congratulations!

Congratulations to Laura Kovács with receiving a Wallenberg Fellowship!

Details of Laura’s project

Hearty congratulations to Ezio Bartocci with getting a tenure-track position at TU Wien!

FLoC Olympic Games: 13 out of 43 medals go to Austrian researchers

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Vienna Summer of Logic 2014 goes public

Public events at Vienna Summer of Logic:

Auseinandersetzung mit Logik: “Vienna Summer of Logic” —


Gastkommentar: Das silberne Zeitalter der Logik —


“Vienna Summer of Logic”: Wien wird zum Logik-Woodstock —


Congratulations to Michael Lippautz, Univ. of Salzburg, 2014 Google PhD Fellow

Congratulations to our RiSE PhD student, Michael Lippautz, Univ. of Salzburg, with receiving 2014 Google PhD Fellow: and

Vienna Summer of Logic, 9-24 July


RiSE co-organizes the largest event in the history of logic, Vienna Summer of Logic.
The Vienna Summer of Logic will consist of twelve large conferences and numerous workshops, attracting an expected number of 2500 researchers from all over the world.
The event consists of three main logic streams: Logic in Computer Science, Mathematical Logic, and Logic in Artificial Intelligence.

• Logic in Computer Science / FLoC:
CAV, CSF, CSL-LICS, ICLP, IJCAR, ITP, RTA-TLCA, SAT, Workshops, Olympic Games, SAT/SMT School.

• Mathematical Logic:
LC, LATD, GeTFun 2.0, INFINITY, LG, NCPROOFS, KG Fellowship Competition.

• Logic in Artificial Intelligence: