Congratulations to Martina Seidl with Habilitation!

Martina Seidl received “Habilitationsurkunde” in the beginning of February. More info you will find here.

Our hearty congratulations!

Congratulations to Laura Kovacs with getting funded over the next 10 years!

Several Sweden universities including Chalmers University of Technology where Laura is an associate professor
are getting a large grant for the next 10 years. The grant is intended for basic research in the fields of autonomous systems
and software development. Find more details at

Congratulations to Arjun Radhakrishna, RiSE graduate of IST with receiving 2014 ACM SIGBED Paul Caspi Memorial Dissertation Award

Alpine Verification Meeting (AVM) 2015


Martina Seidl and Ana Sokolova organize AVM this year in beautiful Attersee, Austria.
Visit for more details.

Laura Kovács just got ERC Starting grant accepted! Our Congratulations!

Congratulations to Laura Kovács with receiving a Wallenberg Fellowship!

Details of Laura’s project

Hearty congratulations to Ezio Bartocci with getting a tenure-track position at TU Wien!

FLoC Olympic Games: 13 out of 43 medals go to Austrian researchers

More details at

Vienna Summer of Logic 2014 goes public

Public events at Vienna Summer of Logic:

Auseinandersetzung mit Logik: “Vienna Summer of Logic” —