Vienna Summer of Logic, 9-24 July


RiSE co-organizes the largest event in the history of logic, Vienna Summer of Logic.
The Vienna Summer of Logic will consist of twelve large conferences and numerous workshops, attracting an expected number of 2500 researchers from all over the world.
The event consists of three main logic streams: Logic in Computer Science, Mathematical Logic, and Logic in Artificial Intelligence.

• Logic in Computer Science / FLoC:
CAV, CSF, CSL-LICS, ICLP, IJCAR, ITP, RTA-TLCA, SAT, Workshops, Olympic Games, SAT/SMT School.

• Mathematical Logic:
LC, LATD, GeTFun 2.0, INFINITY, LG, NCPROOFS, KG Fellowship Competition.

• Logic in Artificial Intelligence:

8th International Conference on Tests & Proofs, 24-25 July, York, UK

Martina Seidl co-organizes 8th International Conference on Tests & Proofs, 24-25 July, York, UK.

The TAP conference is devoted to the synergy of proofs and tests, to the application of techniques from both sides and their combination for the advancement of software quality.

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Worshop PSC: Proof, Structure, and Computation (co-located with LICS), 17-18 July

Ana Sokolova co-chairs “PSC: Proof, Structure, and Computation” workshop that is co-located with LICS conference, and is held in Vienna, Austria.

29th Symposium on Logic in Computer Science, Vienna 14-18 July

Thomas Henzinger co-chairs “Logic in Computer Science” conference this year.
Visit us in Vienna on 14-18 July.
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SAT Conference: 17th International Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing

Uwe Egly co-chairs 17th International Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing which is collocated with Vienna Summer of Logic.

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CAV 2014 Worshops: SYNT, FRIDA, iPRA, QBF, Vampire

Collocated with CAV 2014 Conference are the workshops organized by our researchers: 

26th CAV Conference in Vienna, 18-22 July 2014

Armin Biere and Roderick Bloem are organizing the 26th Computer Aided Verification this year in Vienna.
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Austrian Computer Science Day, June 6 2014

Roderick Bloem and Helmut Veith are co-organizing the Austrian Computer Science Day 2014.

7th Interaction and Concurrency Experience ICE 2014, 6th of June

Ana Sokolova co-chairs 7th Workshop Interaction and Concurrency Experience (ICE) held in Berlin.

Competitions during Vienna Summer of Logic, July 2014

Our researchers organize several competitions co-located with Vienna Summer of Logic!

  • Martina Seidl co-organizes QBF Gallery, the competition of QBF Solvers
  • Swen Jacobs co-organizes SYNTCOMP, the competition in automatic synthesis of reactive systems
  • Armin Biere co-organizes the 7th HWMCC, hardware model checking competition